The question is always asked, "Where can we find the drama resources we need." Whether you are in an urban Nairobi church, Thailand or a rural American church this is the constant question we receive from individuals who are in drama ministry. The problem, however, is that it is very difficult to use a drama for a group or culture for which it was not intended. This highlights the need for dramatists to develop their own drama styles which are created within and for their own cultural context. The resources provided here have this as their goal: i.e., to give national actors, directors and writers (or improvisers), the tools and framework to create their own drama.

Guide to Ethnodramatology - Dr. Julisa Rowe


Is Mime the Universal Language?
Onions and Oranges
Christ-Script and Actor
Dramatic Approach to Missions
Ethnodramatology 101
Building Blocks for Effective Creative Worship

You can also obtain a video of the drama presented in response to the "Post Election Violence" in Kenya in December of 2007 as a result of that country's election.

Many are Crying