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Dramatizing Scripture:

A Step by Step Guide to Bringing the Word Alive

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A Guide to Ethnodrama

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"A Guide to Ethnodramatology" covers three related areas:
1. A model is developed for ethnodramatology to help answer the question of how to discover and understand the drama forms of a culture.
2. The model is illustrated in three cultures in the attempt to show how and why drama style differs from culture to culture and that a universal drama form does not exist.
3. Recommendations are made for Christians to utilize drama in their own cultures, or cultures of ministry. Particularly appropriate forms for change-messages in Kenya and India are suggested.

Who Will Show Us Any Good?

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This video is a dramatic response to the "post election violence" in December 2007, which was first performed early in 2008.

God Plus One

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Mary Slessor was a missionary to Nigeria, whose pioneering work and reliance on God's provision and protection is amazing.

Gathering Lotus Buds

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This one woman reenactment of episodes from missionary Amy Carmichael's life tells the story of a remarkable woman and her intense commitment to God.