Welcome to Ethnodrama. Here we will explore the different types of theatre and drama around the world. Our goal is not to come up with universal principles which can apply everywhere, but to seek ways to understand the unique qualities of each kind of drama. We also seek to find ways to encourage different forms of theatre and to find ways to communicate within those established forms.


What is Ethnodramatology?

Ethnodramatology is an emerging field which focuses on the study of the dramatic styles of the world's cultures.  A culture’s drama may include many aspects of performance arts such as storytelling, theatre, music, dance, and visual art. Drama takes place within a cultural framework and is shaped by that framework, so each culture’s dramatic form differs from another’s.  A people’s response to drama is also culturally based. 

Understanding the culture’s dramatic styles allows for a clearer means of communicating through those styles, as opposed to presenting stories in a foreign style.  In ethnodramatology we analyze and describe the different drama styles in use and then look at how new stories can be told in these forms.


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